Flawless Faces offers a variety of cosmetic injectables:


Full, natural-looking lips can enhance the allure of even the most attractive face. Injectable fillers can help you achieve that desirable look.


Cheek augmentation can dramatically improve the facial contours by restoring lost volume through the use of cheek implants.


Contouring of the chin can produce a jawline that is rounder, less angular, less aggressive, and more feminine. We also have a non-invasive option to dissolve submental chin fat, or “double chin”, in order to improve definition along the jaw and neckline.

Nose Sculpting

A non-surgical nose job lets you get the nose you want without the lengthy and painful recovery demanded by surgery. You’ll be enjoying the look of your new nose in as little as one hour.


Our faces naturally lose volume as we age often causing dark hollow areas such as those underneath the eyes. Through the use of facial fillers, we can add volume back where it has been lost, thus brightening up the under eye appearance and restoring a youthful-looking vibrancy to the face.

Botox & Kybella

Many lines on the face are caused by muscle activity, such as furrowing or raising your brows. We use Botox™ to weaken those muscles to prevent the lines from being reinforced.

Kybella™ is the first and only injectable approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to eliminate chin and neck fullness.  This naturally occurring molecule is used by the body to help in the breakdown and absorption of unwanted fat.